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A dutch software agency specializing in software couture; that is, tailored code.
We help
your software
, regardless of the
current status
current stack
Additionally, we give back to the community by maintaining several open-source software projects, which you may use
, and which we also use to shorten your development time, whilst using battle-tested, quality components, meaning you'll get more bang for your buck.

Recent Publications (show all)

  1. Tetris: Building a game using react


    Introduction to building a Tetris clone using react

  2. Control flow in reduce/inject


    On how to skip items, conditionally apply logic and how to break or stop iteration early when using reduce/inject in Ruby.

Case Studies

  1. BlackGATE

    XP Bytes helped Blackgate build a CMS on top of a legacy system using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap and custom scripts, initially to ease the workload of their technicians but quickly turning into an amazing tool for their end-users.

  2. Intreeweek

    Over 3000 students attend the Intreeweek: a yearly event from the University of Amsterdam. XP Bytes provides their app companion which holds their programme, games, quick links and more.

  3. TrailerVote

    XP Bytes helped TrailerVote go from Tech Demo to working product, built for over 1 million users a minute, using Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and InfluxDB.

Open Source Projects

  1. express-routes-archive
    🔀 Utility class to register routes and dynamically generate their URL or path from anywhere in the express app
  2. express-async-handler
    ⚙️ Utility function to use async express handlers
  3. authorized_transaction
    🔐 Authorize an activerecord transaction with cancan(can) or any other authorization framework
  4. media_types-serialization
    🌀 Add media types supported serialization using your favourite serializer
  5. administrate-base_controller
    🌠 Extends the ApplicationController in Administrate
  6. http_headers-link
    🔩 Utility to parse and sort the "Link" HTTP Header
  7. optimistically_staleRuby
    🔹 micro gem to validate updatability enforcing optimistic locking using lock_version
  8. moxieTypeScript
    🎩 Proxy based mock for node and v8
  9. erratum_responsumRuby
    🚫 Error response handlers for a Rails controller.
  10. media_types-deserializationRuby
    🌀 Add media types supported deserialization using your favourite parser, and media type validation.
  11. media_types-validationRuby
    ❗️ Response validations according to a media-type
  12. administrate-default_orderRuby
    🔢 Add default ordering to Administrate controllers
  13. resource_allow_headerRuby
    🚩 Allow Header for rack responses using cancan(can) or any other authorization framework
  14. administrate-serialized_fieldsRuby
    🆎 Automatically deserialize administrate fields on form submit.
  15. http_headers-accept_languageRuby
    🔩 Utility to parse and sort the "Accept-Language" HTTP Header
  16. administrate-field-codeRuby
    📝 A text field that shows a code block.

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