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A dutch software agency specializing in software couture; that is, tailored code.
We help
your software
, regardless of the
current status
current stack
Additionally, we give back to the community by maintaining several open-source software projects, which you may use
, and which we also use to shorten your development time, whilst using battle-tested, quality components, meaning you'll get more bang for your buck.

Open Source Projects

  1. media_types-serialization
    🌀 Add media types supported serialization using your favourite serializer
  2. express-routes-archive
    🔀 Utility class to register routes and dynamically generate their URL or path from anywhere in the express app
  3. express-async-handler
    ⚙️ Utility function to use async express handlers
  4. administrate-base_controller
    🌠 Extends the ApplicationController in Administrate
  5. http_headers-link
    🔩 Utility to parse and sort the "Link" HTTP Header
  6. authorized_transaction
    🔐 Authorize an activerecord transaction with cancan(can) or any other authorization framework
  7. react-staticJavaScript
    ⚛️ 🚀 A progressive static site generator for React.
  8. media_types-deserializationRuby
    🌀 Add media types supported deserialization using your favourite parser, and media type validation.
  9. administrate-field-hyperlinkRuby
    📝 A string field that is shows a hyperlink.
  10. moxieTypeScript
    🎩 Proxy based mock for node and v8
  11. xpbytes.comTypeScript
    🌍 Source code for the company landing page
  12. optimistically_staleRuby
    🔹 micro gem to validate updatability enforcing optimistic locking using lock_version
  13. administrate-field-lazy_belongs_toRuby
    📝 A belongs to-like field that lazily loads candidates from a custom endpoint.
  14. administrate-serialized_fieldsRuby
    🆎 Automatically deserialize administrate fields on form submit.
  15. administrate-field-codeRuby
    📝 A text field that shows a code block.
  16. administrate-default_orderRuby
    🔢 Add default ordering to Administrate controllers

See more on the company's GitHub profile: XPBytes