eXPerienced Bytes

A dutch software agency specializing in software couture; that is, tailored code.

About us

XP Bytes' tailors is composed of friends who studied at Delft, Univercity of Technology. We have met through working together on projects for computer science courses and that's why the bonds are strong. We know how to tell eachother what's right and what's wrong and how to get to a better product.

We focus on complete web applications, native mobile development, and server software as that's where our experience lies. If you have experience in these fields, we might be looking to work with you.

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These individuals manage one or multiple cities. They are responsible for hiring and acquisition in their area. Our contractors always report to a tailor.


With clients in over 25 cities across 6 countries we have already dealt with many challenges international projects face. The Cookie law, the Right To Be Forgotten, encryption export, multi-region data storage and privacy assurance are nothing new. Some of our clients include:

Van Ons

Overflow projects from the great WordPress and PHP software house Van-Ons. High priority crisis programming involving connecting e-commerce, stock, payment and shipping API's.

This account holds over 12 clients from various branches on 12 different locations.


University of Amsterdam

Built using Rails and deployed on Heroku, this cross-platform application serves up to 4000 students at once during the orientation week of the University of Amsterdam.

Android iOS Rails Heroku

Delft, University of Technology

The Studium Generale hosts most extra curricular events for all students of Delft, University of Technology. Via a custom plugin, they can now plan all their events and link recordings to past events.


Utrecht University

During the Utrechtse Introductie Tijd (UIT) orientation week of Utrecht University, thousands of students roam the streets of Utrecht aided by a cross-platfrom application. Rails on the backend, Xamarin for iOS and ASOP for Android.

Android Rails iOS

Tilburg University

The orientation week led by Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) has bachelor and master students of Tilburg University engaged and active in Tilburg's city centre.

A cross-platform application backed by rails, with Xamarin for iOS and ASOP for Android integrates with push-services to provide the latest challenges and news items for thousands of students.

Android Rails iOS


The Talent Battle is an initiative by Unicef NL and encourages high schoolers to compete in regional competitions with their own band, resulting in public voting and a national finale.

A custom voting system was created to support high throughput voting during the voting rounds. Also tackled fake votes and cheating voters.



Galet is an unmistakably classic and playful French luxury brand that designs handmade loafers for men. Galet has woven these two philosophies together to create an original and iconic shoe. Galet loafers are made in an atelier outside Paris, France and our craftsmen use traditional and time-honoured techniques.

A custom e-commerce system that integrates with Braintree built upon rails.



The employment engagement tool that takes your HR solution to the next level with this white-labeled application for enterprises of any size.

The website is supported by WordPress. The dashboard application and HTML5 client are being developed alongside the Android application by this agency.

Android Rails PHP


The social platform for your mission-driven communities. Using Paystik's payment technology, this app provides communities with their own network full of content. Connect with like-minded people and raise funds for your community.

Android stack supporting 4.0+, built with Retrofit for networking, RxAndroid for reactive programming and Stripe for processing payments.

Paystik logo


This payment processor platform for charities was built out of Stanford. Using QR code technology for 15-second donations and geo-tagging to find nearby payspots, this platform could become the defacto standard for charity donations in the twenty-first century.

Android stack supporting 2.3 onwards and using Proguard for enhanced security.