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At XP Bytes we're not limited to a limited set of programming languages, services or technologies. On this page you can find previous work where TypeScript played a significant role.

Publications (show all)

  1. Tetris: Building a game using react


    Introduction to building a Tetris clone using react

Case Studies

  1. Intreeweek

    Over 3000 students attend the Intreeweek: a yearly event from the University of Amsterdam. XP Bytes provides their app companion which holds their programme, games, quick links and more.

  2. TrailerVote

    XP Bytes helped TrailerVote go from Tech Demo to working product, built for over 1 million users a minute, using Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and InfluxDB.

Open Source Projects

Only showing the repositories with TypeScript as the primary language.

  1. express-routes-archive
    🔀 Utility class to register routes and dynamically generate their URL or path from anywhere in the express app
  2. express-async-handler
    ⚙️ Utility function to use async express handlers
  3. xpbytes.comTypeScript
    🌍 Source code for the company landing page
  4. moxieTypeScript
    🎩 Proxy based mock for node and v8