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Content by Derk-Jan Karrenbeld


  1. Tetris: Building a game using react


    Introduction to building a Tetris clone using react

  2. Control flow in reduce/inject


    On how to skip items, conditionally apply logic and how to break or stop iteration early when using reduce/inject in Ruby.

Case Studies

  1. Intreeweek

    Over 3000 students attend the Intreeweek: a yearly event from the University of Amsterdam. XP Bytes provides their app companion which holds their programme, games, quick links and more.

  2. BlackGATE

    XP Bytes helped Blackgate build a CMS on top of a legacy system using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap and custom scripts, initially to ease the workload of their technicians but quickly turning into an amazing tool for their end-users.

  3. Saxomania

    Together with Saxomania's musical instrument prototype, XP Bytes designed and developed a tech demo, show casing how musical education could be transformed using computer games.

  4. Unicef (Talent Battle)

    The bands that join the UNICEF Talent Battle use their musical talent to ask attention for refugee children. By voting you ensure that the most possible attention is given to help these children with medical care, water, food and education.

  5. TrailerVote

    XP Bytes helped TrailerVote go from Tech Demo to working product, built for over 1 million users a minute, using Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and InfluxDB.